Friday, 12 April 2013

Getting Started - again!

Keen followers of this blog may have noticed that posts have been a bit few and far between of late!  Well practically non-existent if I am honest.  I was mulling over a few things the other day and decided that it was about time I remedied the situation.  So here we are again and my text today is, appropriately enough, "Starters".
I was watching Paul Hollywood's excellent bread making programme the other night and was inspired to have a go at making a Sourdough Starter.  I have to confess that the possibillity of consuming a helping of his Summer Puddng made wth White Chocolate and Raspberry sourdough bread was a major selling point!  The other selling point was that I was in charge of entertaining our daughter who is still on holiday and a bit of culinary science seemed to fit the bill perfectly.
So kilner jar at the ready, we mixed strong white flour, 5 grapes and an eaqual amount of water and sealed it up as per his very simple method.
Day 1Day 2 Day 2 Bubbles!

So, we have a jar sitting by the range in the kitchen containing our starter.  I checked it this morning and it has started to bubble very slightly so fingers crossed.  I will report progress!  (yes I really am that desperate to find something to talk about until the weather clears up and I can get on with the first beekeeping inspection of the year)  So stay tuned!

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